The Way of Truths and Life by Zhen Kong Zu Shi

Emptiness is the beginning and end of life.

For so it is written in the holy books, “long before the existence of heaven and earth, it was emptiness, long before there were living creatures, first there was emptiness.”

It was emptiness that brought forth the centre of life and produced millions of livings things.

From emptiness, a single root began the emanation of heaven and earth and million species of life, human beings, animals, plants and so on. All these in the end, shall return to emptiness, the origin source from where they came. Thus, Zhen Kong is the name given to emptiness, as manifested in this religion.

From Zhen Kong came the birth of the divine preacher to save the mankind. He was also a transformation of Mu Ke, the supreme lord. For it is written in the holy books, “ Mu Ke, Supreme Lord of all, take unto himself the likeness of man, descended upon of all the face of the earth to preach the truth of life for the salvation of all mankind.

Thus as a human being on earth, the divine preacher, by his exemplary truthfulness, straightness, forbearance, and sacrifice, saved humanity from misery and ignorance,. After the consummation of his holy mission on earth, He ascended into heaven and was glorified by Mu Ke as Zhen Kong Zu Shi, the divine preacher of mankind.

During his sojourn on earth, he instituted the religion of Zhen Kong Jiao, giving the above emblem as a sign that emptiness is the origin and end of all life. And that Kong Zhong is the one and only source, wherein all must ultimately return.

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