The Four Just Acts and Five Precepts

The Four Just Acts

Act of Truthfulness - Act of truthfulness, an act of being true always, unchangeable by property, unswayable by riches or glories, and completely devoid of falsities.

Act of Straightness - Act of Straightness, an act of sincerity, embracing frankness of heart, akin to honesty, unpretending and unmeandering.

Act of Forbearance - Act of forbearance, an act of willingness to forgive and endure sufferings inflicted by others calmly and patiently.

Act of Sacrifice - Act of Sacrifice, an act of self-sacrifice, totally altruistic in helping others without selfish motives.

The Five Precepts

Devotion - One shall devote and abide by the religious principles and prevent asunder at all times.

Centrality - One shall be in the state and quality of being central, the balance between humble and great.

Righteousness - One shall be morally upright, without guilt or sin and be in the state and quality of being worthy of esteem or respect.

Oneness - One shall be faithful and seek no other solace but from your own.

Emptiness - One’s mind shall be in the state of being empty, free from all carnal and worldly desires.

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