The Meditation Method

Absorbed mediation requires sitting still with eyes closed

The eyes are the organs of sight. They convey images to the mind, which is the centre of all actions and impulses. The incitements of appetite, and passion, the craving desires to enjoy worldly pleasures, all come from the mind after seeing the evil images brought in by the eyes. The ancient saying. “Whatever the eye sees, the heart feels”, magnifies the importance of having the eyes closed, when sitting in absorbed meditation is exercised; so that nothing from outside can enter to distract the concentration of the mind. Confucius says.” Self-control loosens desires.” Zhen Kong Zu Shi advocates sitting in silence to acquire the divine purpose of mind Buddhism fixes a great value on the method of sitting, because absorbed contemplation towards supreme apprehension of the dharma or doctrine entirely depends on the correct sitting posture.

Clearness of mind and evenness of breath is essential

Meditation, when performed with clearness of mind and evenness of breath abrogates depression and sorrows. When the mind is pure, it becomes a natural sanctuary of holy reverence and a powerful force. Firm in resolution to subdue evil imaginations and impulses. Nothing can be gained out of chord oh, if the breathing is uneven, and the mind is impure and allowed to wander here and there. That is why the holy author emphasized that the mind must be completely void; because when the mind is active with evil imaginations, the impulses will excite every part of the body, causing quicker palpitation of the heart, and the breathing will become uneven, as soon as one reaches the gates of the temple, everything should be temporarily put aside, even if it is very important, in order that the mind be free for contemplation; otherwise the effort put into chor oh will become fruitless. The complete voidances of the cannot be exerted in a short time by an ordinary man, who must have passed through many haphazard’s of a busy day life, and is already worn out by frustrations, sorrows, and anxieties. It seems so easy to perform, but in actual practice, it is not an easy matter. Just as it is impossible to bring an aeroplane or a car travelling at full speed to stop suddenly by applying the brakes in full, the human mind cannot be devoid of all mundane affairs with just one super human effort,. Therefore the success of the performance can only be accomplished by constant practice very slowly and patiently. Although the mind may not be fully cleared of all its congestion of evils illusions, worries and difficulties, but only a little, it is at least better than having an overloaded of painful worries that would ruin the health of the body. There is no need for despair over the failure of one sitting. Success will be achieved through keen perseverance. As soon as the mind is properly controlled in the performance of chord only, all the chronic worries, impure thoughts and frustrations will gradually vanish into emptiness. The mind will then be restored to its proper equilibrium and brilliance; the body will be equally benefited as it will also be free from the harrowing effects of sorrow and worries, when the mind is in a state of serenity.

The correct posture of sitting in meditation

The person performing chor oh must sit straight without leaning against the back of the chair. The legs must be apart and the arms bent with the hands resting on the laps near to the hips. The head and neck must be erect with the body, the chest pushed out, and the mouth opened slightly for the free exhalation. This posture will enable the person to breathe easily without causing obstruction to the air passages in the lungs. The blood will circulate to every part of the body, and all the tiredness and tension will be eased. Natural energy will be restored and the person will feel refreshed after this performance.

The place of meditation must be spacious and properly ventilated

The place for the performance of absorbed meditation must be spacious and properly ventilated. So as to ensure a constant supply of fresh air. It’s best to have it high above sea-level, because the atmosphere is cooler and purer. According to the laws of health furnished by hygienic, sunshine, fresh air, and water are the three most important life supporting factors of man in the entire universe. Food, even if perfect in quality and quantity, does not fulfill its office of building up the human system, unless there be added the agency of sunlight on the skin, of air through the lungs and of water in the body. Bodily health and vigor depend mainly upon perfectly oxygenated blood, and a constant supply of pure air is essential. Any absence of pure air will endanger the body to contract terrible diseases. Therefore, plenty of pure air should be breathed in for the disposal of impurities and render the body impervious to sickness and disease.

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