The Mook Bai Method

Everyone understand the importance of exercise and the benefits derived out of its performance, but it comprises many different forms, such as judo, calisthenics, football, badminton etc. which require wide open spaces, expensive equipments and accessories. The performance of these exercises and games depend upon the suitability of the climate. Moreover, most of them are so strenuous that only people who are young and strong can participate. The middle age and old are not as fit as the young to endure such strenuous diversions. Considering the limitations relating to space, climate and age that dominate the functions of these exercises, it is impossible for everyone to share alike.

Mook Bai represents a form of worship, which is an exercise in itself and is entirely different in manner with other forms of exercises. It is simple to perform and has no boundaries alike those mentioned above.

There is no necessity to have wide spaces, or expensive equipment and everyone, young or old can take part at any time, whether rain or shine.

The circulation of the blood

The intelligent reader possessing a scientific knowledge of the intricate chemical processes functioning in the living human body will understand that its health and strength depend on the proper working order of blood corpuscles and the carious internal organs. The lungs perform its work of filtration on the stomach, its work of digestion. Their functions are somewhat similar to that of a water-distilling system. Where water is collected and purified drop by drop through a filter. It is true that any defect in the circulation of the blood is a drawback in the functions of the various organs, which eventually will lead to feebleness and disease. It is therefore necessary to regulate its harmonious flow, so as to speed up the reproductive system in building new cells to replace those that are worn out and to keep up the tone and vigor of the human body. For this purpose Mook Bai is the most convenient of all methods because it is a vey mild form of exercise and worship at the same time that distributes equal movements to the head, neck, body, hands, legs and the different sections of the viscera. When the whole body moves in unison at the same movement, it energizes the sinews and muscles of the bones, and the vital organs of the body. At the time of worship (mook bai), a kneeling position is adopted, while the body remains uptight. After the first intake of fresh air (oxygen), the body is leveled as low as possible, and the head is then lifted upwards to breath out the bad air (carbon dioxide) (note: this motion of leveling the body and lifting the head gives added strength and pressure for exhalation). The body is then straightened to its original position for another intake of fresh air, and the next motion is repeated and so on. These series of movement tend to promote an abundant intake of fresh air into the human lungs, to burn up the waste and poisonous particles, which are constantly being taken down and removed from various parts of the system; to furnish heat and oxygen to the blood currents which carry nourishment for building up the body. Thus pure air and full breathing, both in quality and quantity are essential to health, and it becomes man’s duty to make sure of them both.

At present, the most common diseases such as tuberculosis, headaches, giddiness, heart-failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney troubles, rheumatism, etc, although quite different in nature from one another are mainly caused by impure blood, defective blood circulation and improper filtration of impurities. The exercises of Mook Bai will remedy all these defects by activating the flow of blood and invigorating it with plenty of oxygen to burn up these impurities, and render them harmless. Mook bai is the safest cure of all these ailments without medical aid, because it works on the principle of acquiring pure air to drive out organic impurities.

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