The Purpose of Fong Fah

The Purpose of Fang Hua

Fang Hua is a religious ritual performed with the slaying of a fowl, and sometimes a pig or a sheep. The motive behind this practice is to remove the fatal calamity of man’s chronic afflictions. It also serves as a merciful liberation of the animal’s incarnate life on earth.

It is generally known and acknowledged that all forms of life are endowed with a spirit of its won. The lower forms of life such as domestic animals, wild beast, fishes, insects, etc, possess a spirit very much inferior to that of man. Man is given a spirit of the highest order, and has dominion over the lower forms of life, and he may use animals for his necessities. It is therefore proper for him to slay them wither for food or for religious purposes.

Man’s contract of sickness is due to two important reasons. They are firstly, the result of his demeritorious conduct in the previous life and secondly, the evil addictions of his present life.

The consequence of man’s conduct in the previous life.

The chronic afflictions of man may be due to the fatal calamity brought down upon him by committing demeritorious acts in his previous life, which he has to suffer as a form of retribution in the present life. As it is said, “whosoever suffers in the present should realize the folly of his past.” From this simple statement comes the logical conclusion, that the virtuous will receive rewards according to the way in which he acts, and the wicked will be punished by his own evil deeds. Every transgression of law will be is self-punishing, or is made to draw after it, its own punishment. Yet it is nevertheless not unusual that the retribution for any misdeeds committed by a person in his previous life may be passed down to the offspring’s, who in turn will have to suffer. The family that performs virtuous deeds will surely get happiness, and the family that performs evil deeds will surely get suffering.

The evil addictions of the present life

The miseries that man suffers at the present period may be self-inflicted; because any transgression of the moral law denotes the lack of self-control, and neglect. The over-indulgence of worldly pleasures becomes an evil addiction; and one evil addiction alone is sufficient enough to bring about the destruction of the body and spirit. The deadly evils such as lust, drunkenness, gambling and opium-smoking are the chief causes of man’s sickness and disease.

The merciful liberation of the animal spirit

Animals are the product of re-incarnation. They have to suffer as atonement for demeritorious acts committed during their previous life, when they were humans. Their only salvation is to be killed as a sacrifice for man’s necessities. It is only by going through this stage of slaughter, that the animal spirit will merit the chance of rebirth in the human cycle of life. Otherwise they will die a natural death, and be reborn as animals again in the next life. During Fang Hua, the animal spirit on being released from its carcass will be awakened by the sound of prayers. It will then realize its wrongdoings of the past and carry away the evil calamity of man’s suffering with it on its ascension.

The efficacy of the animal spirit

Notwithstanding the fatal calamity of demeritorious acts in the present or previous life, man is apt to contract sickness or disease; but in order that the sickness be completely healed, it is important that the fatal calamity be removed first; because it is an unseen and deadly evil. Therefore it is necessary that Fang Hua be initiated, so that the animal spirit is liberated to take away the fatal evilness on its ascension. When this evil obstacle is removed, man will have no difficulty in recovering from his sickness. Thus Fang Hua serves a twofold purpose; first, in giving merciful liberation to the animal spirit, and second, in its efficacy in removing the fatal calamity from man.

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