The Way to Longevity

Longevity is the predominant desire of every man, in achieving it, man should conserve preciously his physical faculties namely, “Vitality, breathing power, and energy.” If these are sufficiently maintained, then, bodily health is secured. Having a healthy body, man is free from all prevailing sickness,

In relation to man’s physical development, there are two distinct, via, before birth and after birth. Before birth, the health and perfection of the offspring’s rest solely on the parent’s constitution, thus healthy parents beget robust babies. After birth, with proper parental care and nourishment, they grow into the prime of manhood. From there onwards, they are fully grown intelligent beings, capable of self-care and adhering to the laws of man’s physical system; paying attention to diet, air cleanliness, and regular time for work, exercise, rest and sleep. They cultivate for themselves strong healthy bodies. Such bodies even with the least medical attention or not at all can ever be weakened. All these clarify the happiness and comfort of doing away with medicine.

Accordingly to the divine preacher, the burning of sandalwood, drinking of holy tea, correct method of worship, Fang Hua sacrifice, and sitting mediation observance are all instrumental in purifying the heart and lessening desires. The induction of exercise and relaxation, acquiring cleanliness and dissolving impurities, resulted in the promotion of health and prolongation of life. The divine preacher said, “People with sickness and disease, and smoking addicts have poisonous gases in their bodies. When venomous gases are there, we shall use pure air to dissolve such gases.” And so accepting this procedure of getting pure air to dispel poisonous gases, people with infirmities perform Mook Bai, (a form of worship before Kong Zhong, in a well ventilated place, where a series of prostrations and movement of the arms is performed). Worshipping before Kong Zhong in this manner, will bring about the free circulation of blood through the body and together with the natural inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide, disease ridden gases are expelled. This is the correct method of driving out sickness and ensuring bodily health.

For those fatigue by laborious exertion, mental strain and worries, a moment of rest and relaxation by sitting down in a posture of stillness, will enable strained muscles to lax. Thereby allowing free circulation of blood through the heart, the pluses will then resume their normal rhythmic beat, and conjoined with the intake of pure air, wasted energy is revived by perfectly oxygenated blood. Thus, the body is fully invigorated against possible sickness.

Figuratively, man’s body is likened to a tree, a fish and a lamp, in the following aspects, a tree will flourish if there are roots. Without roots, it will decay; a fish without water will die. A lamp with sufficient oil will burn brightly; but when the oil is consumed, it becomes dim. Vitality, breathing power and energy are the essentials of man life. Preservation of these vital forces is the preservation of life. Impairment to these potentialities is detrimental to health and leads to the premature suspension of life.

There is a natural tendency in virtue to produce happiness and perfection and a like tendency in vice to produce misery and ruin. If man is able to retain all the goodness in him, be truthful and righteous, sympathetic and liberal, obey the laws and perform works beneficial to mankind, his environment in life would naturally be cheerful and carefree. Such an end becomes actually a pathway towards achieving a life devoid of sickness – a life of happiness and longevity without the use of medicine. Therefore, let us all with one heart believe in Kong Zhong, and pray that not only ourselves; but our children’s children may be benefited by long life and happiness, and be blessed by his protection. Through faith in the religion will bring miraculous results.

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