Zhen Kong Religion

Many ages before the beginning of the universe there existed “ Mu Ke” generally known as Kong Zhong”, “The Lord of Heaven” who is the Infinite source of life, whereby all living creatures on earth shall return to him after death.

According to our holy books. Kong Zhong transformed himself into a human being and descended on earth as Zhen Kong and preached the Beginning of life to the people. Wherever he went, he gave hope and comfort to all mankind by banishing away their ills and miseries, and showed such exemplary virtues of truth, goodness, liberality and benignity that many believed in his teachings.

When his mission on earth was fulfilled, he ascended into heaven, leaving behind has good works and teachings to be remembered and followed by many from generations to generations. Many temples were built in his name and many worshipped him as “ Zhen Kong Zu Shi”. “ The lord of Heaven”.

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